Jada Thomas

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Jada has just turned 11 years old and with a love for life, she appreciates everything that is good in it.

Jada is a family girl, and spends a lot of surfing with them. Being the youngest of her three siblings, Jada is inspired by her family and is grateful to have a family who have taught her the importance of living a happy and healthy life.

"I am the youngest of 3 kids, my sister Stephanie is 20 and my brother Ayden is 17, we are all into healthy eating and being fit, we all surf - except for Mum, she films everyone! Mum does surf sometimes in the summer and is pretty good too. My parents are very positive people who  train everyday which inspires us kids to do the same."

Jada plays lots of different sports but her two main interests are soccer and surfing. Jada trains for soccer 3 nights a week with matches every Sunday, Jada also surfs most days & has coaching sessions before school on Thursdays with Brett Connellan & Nick Clifford. Jada also has a gym coach on Tuesday mornings with Tom Baker. Tom is a specialist in fitness for surfing and coaches other surf athletes such as Sally Fitzgibbon's.

"I'm lucky enough to watch Sally train; Sally works so hard and is so focused - it teaches me to learn how to switch on when I need to. Sally will talk to me in between sets and then switches on during the exercise - Sally is a real inspiration."

Jada recognises the importance of taking time out from her sports to relax, rest and enjoy being a kid. Jada loves watching movies, reading books and most of all taking her two poodles Honey & Miley for walks on the beach.

Jada is focused and determined in her sports & will always ensure that health and wellbeing is a priority.

"I love being fit and healthy. After a hard training session I feel happy inside and always have more energy. My dad say's, that's because of all the endorphins, whatever that is?"

Jada is inspired by others around her and is looking forward to getting stronger and catching bigger waves and scoring more goals. 

"I know that if you train hard you can achieve anything - but I'm not in a hurry as I still love being a kid".




Date of Birth: 27th February 2006

Hometown: Shellharbour, NSW Australia

Started Surfing: Surfing 3 years old, and competing at 6 years old.

Playing Soccer:  Jada played her first game of soccer at 5 for Shellharbour. 

Jada's Freedom: 'I love being around my family and dogs. I also love taking time out for myself, watching movies and doing craft stuff".




2017 billabong Oz

Quarter Finalist


2017 Wahu series



2016 billabong Oz

Quarter Finalist


2016 BL Blast off



2016 Jones beach Boardriders



2015 Jones Beach Boardriders



2014 Jones Beach Boardriders 



2013 Southbridge Boardriders



2012 BL Blast off




As a striker, Jada plays at the highest level in soccer for the Illawarra stringrays representative teamer.