Island Feather, Where it All Began

Find your Freedom


... this captures the values and mission behind the company Island Feather, which I began in 2013.

Island Feather was born when I stumbled across a market stall in the South of France, selling hair feathers. I was intrigued by this concept and after having a hair feather put in my hair I was enthused with excitement. I wanted to share this cool little trend with everyone.

One thing led to another and before I knew it I was selling hair feathers in my sunny home of Southsea, England. For anyone who knows Southsea, it is a vibrant coastal town with a growing independent business culture and a wide variety of community events and summer festivals.


Feathers, sunshine & excitement
Claudia applying hair feathers


Time to think of a name. I knew that whatever I chose, it would need to give me the freedom to grow and evolve in any direction the journey would take me. I sat down with a good friend of mine and after a little time we settled on Island Feather, a name that identified with the product and also the lifestyle I was looking to promote. It also gave me the flexibility and diversity I was looking for in a name.

Island Feather began as a hobby alongside working full time. As I introduced new products from other designers to my stall, Island Feather’s collection grew and this enabled me to design a jewellery collection and to develop an online shop.

From designing and selling jewellery my aspirations grew and I started experimenting with designing sports and fitness clothing. I love outdoor sports and my aim was to design high quality multi-purpose products, whilst offering style & appeal.

Running Island Feather alongside a full-time job was beginning to prove difficult. I loved my job working for a national children’s charity, however I realised that Island Feather could combine both my skills and experience and I could continue to support other people to fulfil their dreams. So I took the plunge. In November 2016 I gave up my full time job to pursue my passion and focus all my energy on Island Feather.

Looking back I realise the job that inspired me most was working with young people who did not have the same opportunities as I did in my life. I was able to show them that there were alternative options in life and that they could achieve whatever they wished for. For these young people they didn’t have much in the way of aspirations; to have a passport, own a motorbike, get a job. These were entirely achievable goals, but to these young people they were impossible targets. I had the opportunity to show them what was possible. We would spend months working through their plans step by step and we were able to work together to see that life was full of opportunities, with people who believed in them and a life really worth living.

I will always reflect on this time, remember these amazing young people and how they transformed their lives. They needed a simple formula to achieve their dreams, experience success and fulfilment. It came down to four things:


Hope, Belief, Supports, Opportunity


I am committed to embedding this formula into the Island Feather Company. Island Feather isn’t the products we sell, it is a way of life and a mindset. I started with a simple mission and today this mission remains the same, find your freedom and look after one another.

Through Island Feather I want to support and inspire other women to find their freedom.


Island Feather Logo
Island Feather Find your Freedom


We will be launching our first sports and fitness collection in the new year 2017. Whether you rock out in our new surf/yoga leggings, attend an Island Feather event in the new year or are simply inspired by our showcase of amazing individuals, we want you to feel a sense of community through our brand. Through each product we have a mission to encourage you to find your freedom, to lead a happy and healthy life.

Lastly I could not have got to this stage without the love and support from friends, family and all those who have supported this journey. Thank you!

We can’t wait to share with you the next steps of our adventure, make sure you follow our social channels instagram, twitter & facebook for all the latest news and updates. Our new website will be launching soon, please stay tuned as we will be showcasing stories of other ladies finding their freedom.


Aloha Claudia


7 Things to know about me

  1. Life is too short to not spend it doing what you love. My main goal in life is to find what makes you happy and do it!
  2. The outdoors is my freedom. Whether surfing in the cold english water, wake boarding on a lake or walk across the countryside.
  3. I love to travel and explore our amazing planet. It is when I’m traveling that I feel most inspired.
  4. I like organising. Anything and everything!
  5. I am a sensitive soul. I care a lot for other people. I love to inspire others to fulfil their dreams.
  6. I thrive on finding solutions and being creative whilst doing so.
  7. Work to me is life, forget a work life balance, find what you love and make that your work.



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