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Behind the scenes

I can honestly say that before Island Feather, I never stopped to think about the detail, complexity and time that goes into creating a product. Through the next series of blogs I will be sharing how we have developed our new collection.


At Island Feather we recognise that market research & customer feedback is a critical component to business strategy. We want to develop products that will suit your lifestyle and purchasing habits; with features tailored to your sport and fitness activities.

We developed a survey through Typeform — a perfect platform to gather both qualitative and quantitive research.


TOP COLOURS: The top most popular colours our customers love.


SPORTS & ACTIVITIES: The most popular sports and fitness activities that our customers do.


PRODUCTS: The top products our customers want to see.

  • Leggings
  • Sports Bras
  • Sports Bikinis

LOGO: The most most popular logo that our customers would want to wear.

Island Feather Logo

FEATURES: The most important features our customers want from their sports & fitness clothing.

  • Breathable (60%)
  • Multi-Sport Purpose (58%)
  • Durability (47%)
  • Flexibility (47%)
  • Quick dry (47%)

QUALITY & STYLE: When buying sports & fitness products 82% of customers think that both quality and style is most important.

Thank you to all those who are committed to Island Feather and took the time to complete this crucial piece of research for us. We have analysed and interpreted the results to ensure that your voice was the driving force in the decision making for our products.

At Island Feather we love to travel. Some of our most favourite spots are places of outstanding natural beauty, destinations where time just seems to stop, environments that provide us with the feeling of total escapism. We are heavily inspired by coastlines that boast raw ocean swells, weathered rock faces and fresh salty air.

Our Artwork is important to us. It defines our mission but also captures our love for the ocean and raw coastlines, giving a feeling of freedom and wanderlust, continually inspiring health and happiness.

We were so grateful to find an artist whose artwork combined the four most popular colours and created a pattern that captured our outdoor coastal lifestyle and completely brought our products to life.

We are pleased to introduce the…

Raw Coast Collection

Located a stone’s throw away from fresh air and ocean, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to sports & fitness activities. Yoga, swimming, running and gym are our customers top most popular sports. We have combined these activities and our own passions for surfing and stand up paddle boarding (SUP) to create products for multiple sports, featuring the most in demand items — leggings, sports bras and sports bikinis. With these sports in mind, we have worked with our manufacturer to find fabrics that are multi-purpose that support your sporting desires to take you seamlessly from the land to water.

We are so happy that our customers love the changes to our logo and branding. Your feedback overwhelmingly favoured one particular logo which will now be featured on all our products.

So quality and style are most important to you. We have combined advanced fabric technology offering breathability, durability, flexibility and quick drying properties alongside our delicate designs to create workout gear that makes a serious style statement.

Please stay tuned as we will be sharing our next steps in our product development. You can find our Website & social channels Instagram, Twitter & Facebook for all the latest news and updates.


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