2016. Thank You


With an exciting New Year ahead of us, I want to stop for a moment and reflect on 2016.
It was the year that my friends and I turned 30. With all the pressures that come with age, I had some anxieties about turning 30 and I wasn’t sure what 2016 would have in store for me. As it turns out, on reflection, I have some of the most amazing memories from 2016 and can honestly say it has been a breathtaking year.


I have had the pleasure to watch my best friend Lisa marry the love of her life (in her converse). I have a beautiful goddaughter who is now 3, going on 13. My parents now have their dream home they waited 35 years for. I danced the night away to old-school rock at Zoe and Mike’s wedding. I have surfed more waves than ever in a year. I have seen more and more sunsets that this beautiful world has to offer. I have made some amazing new friendships with some truly inspirational people. I have replaced my camper for a 4x4 to carry on a more economical adventure.



I have seen another best friend fall madly in love with a guy she bumped into again after meeting for the first time in 10 years. I have an all time love for loose leaf tea, I still skateboard along Southsea seafront and play volleyball in the sand. I don’t feel guilty for opting for a saturday night in. I pick outfits based on comfort and I have learnt that the best way to make decisions is to follow what lights up your soul. And lastly I have a little cockapoo puppy called Nala. I am excited to see her grow and become a strong independent, adventurous and water loving little doggy.




All in all, I can honestly say that this joy and happiness around me is why I put all my energy and persevere with Island Feather. 2016 has shown me that anything is possible and has brought opportunities for Island Feather that I never would have imagined; the opportunity to progress as a sports and fitness wear brand and we will be entering 2017 with lots of exciting new products and events. Island Feather could not be what it is today without the support and love from everyone who has been following our journey. We are so grateful, and I want to thank you personally for believing in Island Feather.

For 2017, you will see us continue to embed our core values and company philosophy into our products as we continue to grow. We will continue to promote our mission to support and inspire others to lead a happy and healthy life.

Wishing you all the health and happiness for the New Year.

Island Feather