The Army Wakeboard Team


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We had the pleasure to catch up with the British Army Wakeboard Team. After moments of chatting, we knew that these gorgeous ladies were going to give us a buzz of adrenalin and inspiration. Meet the team ..

Sammy Blackshaw Wakeboarding

After spending 9 years in the regular Army as an Officer in the Royal Corps of Signals working with IT and communications, Sam is now an active member of the Army Reserves.  This allows her to continue to develop her own business, “For the Shore”, whilst still being involved with all things Army. Sam started wakeboarding four years ago and got hooked on the quick progression of System 2 riding. Sam loves the camaraderie found in wakeboarding, which is enhanced within a military setting. Sam’s freedom is on the water with the Army Ladies team. 

“There is so much enthusiasm whether it’s nailing your first wake to wake, or trying to develop your style whilst rail riding. I am so much more confident and enjoy every aspect of the sport now I’m riding with these girls, the support is unreal and I cannot wait for next season”.
Shonagh Kinner Snowboarder

Shonagh has been in the Army for 3 years and is part of the Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps. Shonagh started wake boarding last year and attended the local ladies’ morning.

“ I have made some amazing friends through the sport and am constantly pushing myself to learn new tricks”.

When Shonagh is off the water she also loves CrossFit and snowboarding. Shonagh’s freedom is being active, camping down at the lake and getting up to wakeboard with like-minded positive people.  Shonagh is the team captain AKA “boss” of the Army Ladies Wakeboarding team and couldn't be happier to be part of such an awesome team of supportive, encouraging ladies.

Shonagh Kinnear Wakeboarding
Shonagh kinnear wakesurfing
Shonagh Snowboarding
Rebecca Moll Wakeboarding

Rebecca is a nurse working for the British Army out in Paderborn, Germany. Rebecca started wakeboarding in 2016 in Germany and seeks out any opportunity to head down to her local lake. Rebecca spends her summers on the water and loves to head to the mountains in the winter. Rebecca also loves spending time outside, finding adventures with her dog - Hendricks. Rebecca’s freedom tends to be found in the rain, be it running, walking the dog, swimming, surfing, boarding or hiking.

“So long as there is a fire to come back to life can't get much better.

Sophie lives in Wiltshire working for British Army in the Royal Artillery. Sophie started wakeboarding whilst at University in Adelaide, Australia in 2008 and loved spending weekends on the River Murray. Sophie is so grateful to wakeboard with the British Army and loves competing against other teams such as the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force. When Sophie isn't wakeboarding she loves to travel, seek adventure, spend time with her friends and family and keep up her fitness. Sophie's freedom is anything outdoors, away from the crowds (preferably in the sunshine!) but particularly lakes and mountains and is a huge Skiing fan in the winter.

Sophie Kennedy Bike
Sophie Kennedy Skiing
Becky Ward Wake

Becky has been a professional musician in the Army for 7 years. She joined at the age of 19 so that she could carry on her hobby whilst gaining a career from something that I love.

“As a professional musician, there's no better feeling than loosing yourself in a piece of music. Having the freedom to express your feelings and emotions into a piece of music is the best feeling in the world. No matter where I am or how I'm feeling, performing brings me back down to earth”.

Becky has been wakeboarding for around 3 years.

“Every year I try to push myself to learn and try something new. Once I'm on the water it doesn't matter how bad my day was because I'm doing something that I love”
Charlie Hay Wakeboarder

As a helicopter pilot in the Army Air Corps, Charlie lives wherever the army takes her. Charlie is currently living in Basingstoke, Hampshire so is able to dedicate as much time as she can to her wakeboarding. When Charlie is not on the water, she can be found either at the gym or up a mountain looking for some fresh powder.

Charlie’s freedom: "I love getting away from it all, being able to escape, be at one with yourself and your surroundings in the beauty of the great outdoors”.
Charlie Hay Snowboarding
Charlie Hay Wake
Charlie Hay Wakeboarding
Charlie Hay Wakeboarding

These ladies are pushing their limits, doing what they love and supporting one another to live a happy and healthy life. Although often in different parts of the world, at any one time, they still have an amazing camaraderie, no matter how far apart from one another. We love their passion for life, outdoor sports and having hugely successful careers just tops off what amazing individuals they are. Please follow their journey on Instagram.

We are pleased to say that we have an exciting partnership with these ladies, so stay tuned. We are grateful for their support and are looking forward to working together. 

Army Wakeboard Team
Army Wakeboard Team
Army Wake Team