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At Island Feather we are inspired by the people around us and through our blog we are able to celebrate and share the stories of women across the globe. These women are strong, beautiful and brave, and have created a life they want through finding their freedom.

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We had the pleasure to catch up with Island Feather Athlete Emily Hall. Emily has an exciting year in 2017 and is continuing to follow her dreams and is pushing her boundaries in her sports. Here is what she had to say...


"Hey Island Feather! Its great to catch up after what was such a busy but exciting year. 2017 was a busy year for me. I started the year at the IFCA slalom world, which after a tough week finished 7th overall.

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During the beginning of the summer, I found my new love for foiling. I decided to take every opportunity that I could to head out on the water windsurfing using the foil.

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At the end of 2017, I decided to head to the first ever RSX Convertible World Championships, which was held in Azores (literally in the middle of the Atlantic). It was amazing! The island itself was beautiful and so different to any other place I have been to before. After one of the best weeks of racing in my life, trying out the new foiling formats and the foil itself, I managed to finish 3rd place after a week of close racing within the women's feel. I was so happy!


So 2018 for me will be full of foiling (whenever I can) and coaching. I recently became a coach for the RYA National Junior and Development Squads for the U17 windsurfing, which is another passion for me. I love coaching others to become better in their sport and support them through all the challenges that they may be faced with in their sport both professionally and personally.

Island Feather's products have been perfect for my lifestyle, both on and off the water in any weather. The products are comfy, but also look really fashioable at the same time. I really want to thank you for your continued support xx


We hope through Emily's story you are empowered to continue to follow what your heart tells you, do what warms your soul, do things differently and live a life finding your freedom.

Want to know more about Emily, head over to her channels.

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