Frequently Asked Questions.


How can I order the Horizon?

The Horizon is available to buy now. Please submit your interest here and we will send you further details and how you can place an order.


Why should I buy the Horizon?

At Island Feather we are dedicated to our products and do not compromise on comfort, style or quality. We have worked with manufacturers who specialise in outdoor equipment product development to ensure that this product will not disappoint. The Horizon comes with features such as a built in foam mattress with a washable mattress cover, waterproof canvas and non-see-through mesh to give you everything for a good nights sleep. The Horizon is easy to fit and remove allowing for ultimate flexibility for your lifestyle. The Horizon is an excellent solution to increase your capacity for campers or convert your vehicle into a camper and comes in two different sizes to suit your vehicle and needs. The Horizon comes with a 2 year warranty.


Where do you ship?

For UK customers, the Horizon is able to ship directly to your address for free. For international customers, please contact us to estimate your delivery costs.


How long is delivery?

All Horizon roof top tents are custom built. Expected delivery date will be 8 weeks following your order.


Can the Horizon be mounted on my vehicle?

The Horizon has a universal mounting system and can be mounted on most vehicles. The Horizon is designed to be mounted on two cross bars (NOT directly on the roof of the car) and we would recommend purchasing them through your vehicle manufacturer or Thule. The cross bars must have a dynamic weight capacity of 165 lbs or more and must be 30 inches apart for the Horizon to be mounted on your vehicle. Please ensure you consider the weight of the Horizon when purchasing your roof racks.


Will my car be able to hold the Horizon roof top tent?

Your car will have a maximum permitted roof load; please refer to your vehicle handbook. The Horizon roof top tent can be fitted to any vehicle, however you will need to take into consideration the length and width of your vehicle - It is for this reason that there are two sizes available.


How do I attach the Horizon Roof Top Tent?

On delivery you will receive fitting instructions and all the tools required. We would recommend using a specialist service for optimum safety.


How fast can I drive with the Horizon?

The vehicle’s speed must be adjusted to the load being carried and the current driving conditions, such as the road type, road quality, wind conditions, traffic intensity and applicable speed limits. Applicable speed limits and other traffic regulations must always be observed. You must not exceed 120km/h


How many sizes Does the Horizon come in?

The Horizon comes in two sizes: Medium and Large.

Size M - Opened size: 215 x 125 x 95 cm, Weight: 70kg

Size L - Opened size: 215 x 145 x 95 cm, Weight: 80kg


How much does the Horizon weigh?

Size M - Weight: 70kg

Size L - Weight: 80kg


What is the weight limit?

The weight limit will depend on the cross bars and the car roof. Most roof racks have a weight capacity of only 165 lbs. The load capacity of a cross bar indicated the dynamic (moving) load, not the static load. Once the vehicle is parked, the cross bar can take more weight.


Can I store anything in my roof tent?

This is not recommended. If you do store items in your roof tent, you will need to consider the additional weight to your car roof capacity.


Can I leave bedding inside the tent when it is closed?

There is enough room in the Horizon for sleeping bags, blankets, pillows and clothing, please consider the additional weight to your car roof capacity.


How easy is it to mount and unmount the Horizon?

The Horizon comes with all tools required to mount and unmount from your vehicle. The Horizon is either 85kg or 95kg depending on which size you buy. You will need to mount and unmount it with a minimum of two strong individuals.


How long does it take to mount and unmount the tent?

It will take approximately 30 minutes.


How long does it take to open and close the tent?

It will take approximately 1 minute to open and close the tent.


What is the warranty on the Horizon?

There is a 2 year warranty on the Horizon. Note: We will require you to register your tent to qualify for warranty.


What is the ladder’s weight limit?

150kg - For maximum safety, the ladder should be placed at 70 degrees at the inside base of the ladder.


What height is the ladder?

70 - 230 cm


What fabric is the tent made of?

Shell Material: Glass Fibre Composite

Body Fabric: 280g Polyester-Cotton canvas, PU coated, Waterproof, UV resistant, waterproof index 2000mm - 3000mm

Poles: Stainless steel

Note: The poly/ cotton blend is highly breathable, but care must be taken to dry the material after rain.



While there are many factors to consider (temperature, humidity, wind etc), the horizon is used for both summer and winter.


If you have any further questions, please submit your enquiry here.