Located a stone's throw from the sea, Island Feather was founded by Claudia Albrecht in Southsea, England. Inspired by her love for outdoor sports, natural beauty and helping others through her work for charities and Non Government Organisations, Claudia has developed Island Feather into an established sports and fitness wear company and lifestyle brand - designed specifically for women.





Through creating high quality, multi-purpose, stylish sports and fitness wear -  Island Feather's mission is to inspire you to live a healthy life, discover what makes you happy and create a community of support and care for one another - "Find your Freedom". 


Core Values & Philosophy

We believe that everyone has the right to live a healthy and happy life. We know that with Hope, Belief, Support and Opportunity, anyone can achieve their dreams and experience success and fulfilment. Proud of being an independent brand, we believe in excellent customer care, outstanding ethical products and developing a sense of community for every woman joining the Island Feather journey with us. We encourage you to follow what your heart tells you, do what warms your soul and do things differently. We celebrate those who stand up for what they believe in and those who give back more to society than they take. Our core values are at the heart of our company culture and our aspirations are in line with these.





Our customers love the outdoors and want to feel good in their sports. We strive to design and create products that are high quality, multi-purpose whilst offering style and appeal. We are proud to use advanced fabric technologies to ensure our customers feel comfortable and have no barriers from performing in their sports. We are committed to our customers, ambassadors and athletes and make sure their voice is the driving force of our product designs.


Social Impact

Through research and our own experience we recognise that sports, fitness, health and wellbeing activities improve not just physical and mental health but also develop life skills, improve self-esteem, build resilience and strengthen relationships. 


find your freedom


"Find your Freedom is our Social Impact programme which aims to support and unite women to find what makes them happy and healthy. We have partnered with local businesses and non-profit organisations to enable access to the participation and accessibility of sports, fitness, health and wellbeing activities. Through these activities we will promote our core values and philosophy, whilst maintaining a primary focus on creating a community and collective impact to help us achieve our mission and help you achieve yours.